My Skincare Routine and Why It’s Important

My Skincare Routine and Why It’s Important

Taking care of your skin is extremely important for several reasons, however let’s go a bit deeper. Skincare routines can have an overall effect on your self-view.

This blog post is separated into two sections: My Skincare Routine and Why Skincare is Important. The second half is the most important part.

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My Skincare Routine

As a disclaimer, I use DoTerra’s Essential Skincare Line, but my intentions are to share the types of things that I use, not the specific products. 

1. Invigorating Scrub (Exfoliate)

I exfoliate my face one to two time a week. It is typically used when I feel that my face is particularly dirty or grimy.

2. Facial Cleanser

I wash my face every morning and most nights, because I’m not perfect. It’s a gentle cleanser that leaves my face feel clean, but not dry like other cleansers that I’ve used in the past.

3. Pore Reducing Toner

I always use the toner on my damp face after the cleanser, because I feel like it keeps more of the hydration in my skin. I don’t use it because it’s “pore reducing”, but I don’t find it to be a bad quality either.

4. Brightening Gel

The brightening gel is use to lighten my dark acne scars, which really bother me. I love my complexion, so I want it to truly show. I normally use this about 5-7 times a week.

5. Hydrating Cream (Moisturizer)

Moisturizer just helps with the glow (and moisture) of my face. I don’t wear makeup, so moisturizer helps my skin to show off.


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Why Skincare is Important

Skincare is about more than hygiene, and having beautiful skin! It is about how you feel.

The time taken out of your day to wash your face and treat your face with a specific amount of care can change your perspective on appearance. It is all about building your confidence, so you might need to say affirmations about your beauty as you wash your face.

There will always days where we wondered why our skin has betrayed us with this huge pimple although we care for it diligently. But the reality is that your skin is not perfect, just like you.

Consistently caring for a part of yourself that will always have flaws makes it easier to care for yourself. The care does not mean that your flaws, physically or emotionally, will disappear; it only means that you will grow.

Appreciation for your skin can transfer into appreciation for yourself. Creating the habit of skincare and appreciation will send a ripple effect of appreciation and care to other parts of yourself.

Self-care and skincare are not about arriving to a place; they are journeys that continue and change as life changes.

What does your skincare routine look like, and what does it mean to you?


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