Essential Oils: What, How, and Why You Need Them

Essential Oils: What, How, and Why You Need Them

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Essential oils are becoming a hot topic of conversation, but what are they?

When you “zoom in” to a plant, they have microscopic oil sacs, that protect plants from environmental danger. They give off an aroma that we smell outside. Each of those oil sac contain hundreds of compounds used for thousands of years for cosmetics, religious practices, burials, and medicinal uses.


How are essential oils harvested? 

Plants are harvested from the ground, and steam distilled from plants for their health benefits. The oil rise to the top, where it is harvested and bottled up. This the most popular way to harvest essential oils, however there are other methods.

This knowledge is super important, because you need to know that they oils that you use are pure, and contain all of the compounds needed to help you.

Why are essential oils important?

Essential oils contain hundreds of different compounds that can use to combat an endless number of bodily threats. They can breach the our oily cellular membrane wall that most modern medicine cannot.


Oil and Water do not mix, but Oil and Oil does!

They can quite literally breach your body on the deepest level possible, and transform you from the inside out.

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